Wrong Traditions and misconceptions about Islam.

Wrong Traditions and misconceptions about Islam.

Islam has given equal rights for men and women. The nature of rights and obligations is different but the age of gravity is the same in terms of application. Given the natural disposition of women, Islam has given them some privileges and has also freed them from some religious duties compared to men.

The broadcast of duties or principles from group to generation or the fact of existence that is agreed upon in this method is called tradition.

Religion is a quest or concern for which a person assigns the highest rank.

There is a big difference between tradition and religion. The main difference between tradition and religion is that tradition is founded on a shared ethic of humans, its slant to be artificial while religion is exclusively associated with Allah, the Creator and the greatest faith in the rights of the world their faith comes from the side of Allah.

There are many concepts of longing which are not part of Islam but people follow them for their own evil deeds.

Only Arabs are Muslims

There are many estimates, but most decide that there are about 1.5 billion Muslims in the world; sensibly a quarter of the world’s population today. The Muslim population is the various believers who straddle the world. More than fifty countries have Muslim-majority populations, while other groups of believers gather as minorities on nearly every form of land. Islam is often associated with the Arab world and the Middle East, but that is not true even in Arabia there is baptism and Judaism too.


Non-Muslims think Islam is mistreated by women is wrong. It is inappropriate, most world thinks that women are weak in the Islamic faith. They know little about faith and do not talk to Muslim women themselves to find out about their survival.

In Islam, men and women are equal, but not the same. In some cases, women have a level of benefit while in other cases men have a level of benefit. For example, women get more love and sympathy from children in Islam, so that is a useful value for women. (And Allah has a great gift) towards man and His gift (again omniscience) so that it can give kemud So in male strength has a level of benefit. Islam gives women the right to poll, factual ownership of their own property, to business and Islam makes it necessary that if a woman repairs the same efforts as a man, then she must also develop the same income as the man. Islam gave women all of these and many more privileges fourteen centuries ago, while the rest of the World recently granted women these rights. That is why most of the people who convert to Islam are women. Islam also gives women the right to separate.

Islam is a religion of war and gives instructions to kill unbelievers.

Islam declares war when there is no balance in society In the blessed Islamic text, the Koran, defines Jihad as a scheme of payment and balance, as a way that Allah used to “square one person by alternative means.” When one person or group crosses their boundaries and interferes with the rights of others, Muslims have an accurate and a duty to “check” them and bring them back into line. There are many verses of the Koran that label jihad in this way.

Basically Jihad is the repeated deployment of religion in the face of domination and abuse. Determination may come in aggressive evil in your own heart, or stand up for the ruler. Military struggle is included as an option, but as a last resort and not “to party Islam in a manner because its name will have one belief, so it is wrong for Islam to fight for people’s rights.

Muslims love terrorism and violence.

This is another longing conception of Muslims and Islam. Islam is a religion of peace. Islam claims that their faith supports justice, friendship and rights. Questioner of faith. The entire Koran, taken as a comprehensive text, provides a communication of hope, faith and peace to a faith public that is worth one billion people. The devastating message is that peace must be found done by faith in God, and justice between fellow humans. Islam condemns violence. Islam hates honor killing and pronounces great punishments on it.

Muslims do not believe in other prophets.

The Quran is the book of truth and there are many stories about the prophets, there are many stories about the lives and teachings of the prophets. The best example is the prophet Jesus Non-believers think Muslims do not love him. The Quran remembers his extraordinary birth, teach-ajarannya, the miracles he performed with the authorization of Allah and his life as the cherished prophet of Allah. The Koran also often reminds us that Jesus was a human prophet sent by Allah, not a part of the Spirit Himself.

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