‘Old Religion’:

‘Old Religion’:

The roots of early Christianity and the ‘Iesa Brotherhood’ were simply not a threat to anyone who believed in Christ. This is sharing affirmations that increase ALL! Another perspective came my way through Wicca, and the husband and wife team who wrote the book A Witches’s Bible. Farrars (Janet and Stewart) from 1981 discusses various names that can be used for spirit or dimensional energy. Some groups or ‘cults’ use names from Norse or Egyptian culture, but every true student knows that these names do not limit their true nature; those names were only human ways of representing this army. They say on page 14:

“All this is reflected in the fact that it is the Sabbath Kingdom which has Gaelic names.

Of the various forms witches use, we have chosen the Irish Gaelic, for personal and historical reasons – personal because we live in Ireland, where these forms. it has a living meaning; history, for Ireland was the only Celtic country that was never absorbed by the Roman Empire, and so it is in Irish mythology and in its ancient language that the lines of the Old Religion are often most clearly seen. Even the Celtic Church remains stubborn independent from the Vatican for centuries. There is a small Russian Orthodox community in Ireland based on exile from Russia; interestingly, ‘has attracted quite a number of Irish converts, some of whom consider it to be the Church of Ireland that existed before the arrival of St. Patrick (Who personally burned more of the 150 books we have to remember were handwritten – Sumerian and Mayan duplication methods tid ak used at this time in most parts of the world.} until the years following Henry’s invasion and the establishment of relations with Rome. (Sunday Press, Dublin March 12, 1978). ”

Qabala may not be the only ancient verbal tradition that even the older church of the Keltic ‘travelers’ who were scattered in their mission ‘Brotherhood’ and MacDari who wrote a lot about this subject did not mention Qabala. He was after all a Mason / Rosicrucian and they too, liked to claim knowledge as their own. Qabala is involved in knowledge of the many ‘sources’ that Jesus studied. These include but are not limited to: alchemy (metallurgy more precisely Joseph’s trade), Taoism, Gnosticism and pagan beliefs such as witch doctors and perhaps Buddhism or Hinduism. Being as his ancestors Solomon sent ships around the globe and back with a great deal of knowledge there is good reason to assume he may even have studied Maya who some say her last words were written in (and not Aramaic), perhaps I should say speak in. There the legend is hard to disprove that Jesus went to the land of Maya after he was dropped from the cross. Most likely he went there before his mission in Israel (Iesa-real) began. This will definitely be possible because the Bat Creek rocks show many Judeans fleeing Roman persecution coming to America and recent archeology admits Romans came to this green paradise too.

In the presence of Christ and of course at that time the social moray and prejudice against women were high.

Even though (St?) Augustine was the translator of Genesis as proof that women are harbingers of sin – ‘authentic?’ next time. Wicca says it is 25,000 years old and several of their leaders I have spoken to at length confirm that they drew their knowledge from Druidry. These kelts never saw the need to be pushy and were insecure or afraid to have their sexual needs met in their family. They respect their equal partners and know that they have been or will become women in another incarnation of a multi-dimensional soul as time passes.

When the Jews were deprived of their homeland and scattered during the ‘Diaspora’ they suffered a massive repulsive program of discrimination by Catholics and then offshoots like Martin Luther were made. His words are ridiculous for rarely seen in the venomous tone of Roman-inspired hatred. It is interesting to note that Vlad of Impaler of Dracula fame was a paid Catholic agent who salted the well and blamed the Jews among other heinous acts. In his time in the Middle Ages the Rabbis wrote a book called Zohar and thought of improving the care they had given women, a little. Perhaps like a self-serving prayer these people think of the treatment the Jews received at the hands of Flagellants etc. I don’t underestimate the positive cultural impact the ‘Matronit’ creation has brought, but I do say they don’t go far enough.

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